07 December Thursday

Mayor Uysal started “iTaksi” Application in Istanbul…

“iTaksi”, a new mobile transportation initiative by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), that has been started by Istanbul Mayor Mevlüt Uysal in Istanbul.

“iTaksi” application has been put into service by Mayor Mevlüt Uysal  in "Turkey Innovation Week", held between December 6th and December 9th, 2017, which contributes greatly to the settlement and development of the concept of innovation in our country and as of 2017.

It was organized for the fourth time by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), started at Istanbul Congress Center with “Unlimited innovation, unlimited potential” slogan.

Speaking at the publicity meeting of “iTaksi” application created by support İMM’s Transportation Department, İSBAK Co., the municipality’s ‘smart city’ company, İSPARK Co., and Hamidiye Co., Mayor Mevlüt Uysal ephasized that the application was completely a hundred percent domestic and national software brand. He said, “Thanks to this system, which will be the first time to be used in commercial taxis, customers will meet with taxi driver more easily and practically.”

“iTaksi” project, which brought a new vision to IMM’s Smart City concept and developed by Turkish engineers with national resources, was introduced at World Cities Expo in May 2017.

“iTaksi” project aims to utilize taxis efficiently which have a considerable share in transport of İstanbul. It will help taxis avoid wasting time and fuel consumption while looking for passengers in streets. It will enable passengers to find closest taxis and help save energy. All taxis in İstanbul will be managed remotely by Transportation Management Center of IMM and the communication between taxi drivers and passengers will be recorded to improve service quality and passengers’ satisfaction.

“iTaksi” will not only help save energy, time and resources, it will also help reduce traffic congestion in İstanbul which are caused by taxis circulating on the roads to find passengers. All taxis will be equipped with in-car surveillance cameras which will help passengers and drivers feel themselves safer.

“iTaksi” provides alternative payment options to passengers including İstanbulCard which is the default payment option in all public transport vehicles in İstanbul. Passengers of iTaksi will be able to select and view their routes offered by “İBB Navi” app which provides the optimal routes based on traffic conditions. “iTaksi” will facilitate the management of taxis by IMM and will ease find nearest taxis available.

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