01 November Wednesday

Istanbul Domain Names For Sale…

As of today, “.ist” and “.istanbul” domains are being offered for sale. Companies and individuals will be able to purchase for Internet addresses ending in ".ist" and ".istanbul".

High Discount:

The campaign, which will be run through authorized companies, will continue until February 28, 2018. With the campaign, ".istanbul", which is $ 29, and ".ist", which is $ 24, are being sold at a price of  $ 9.90

A protocol on the usage of city-specific domain names had already been signed in 2014 between Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the non-profit global organization that regulates domains on the Web.

Recalling the significance of Istanbul as the economic, cultural, and historical heart of Turkey, Mayor  Mr. Mevlüt Uysal pointed out that few cities around the world are using city-specific domain names.

Istanbul, being one of the oldest and magnificent cities of the world, is now excited to add one more gem to its unique richness. Istanbul assumes the title of a prestigious TLD Registry, in addition to its numerous titles as a precious center of arts, science, culture, history and tolerance in the world.

The .ist TLDʹs mission is to create ʺISTʺ brand for Istanbul at national and international levels, provide an alternative usage as short-form for Istanbul, encourage innovation, help local businesses to thrive, market and promote tourism in the Istanbul, and spread the dynamic image and the brand value of Istanbul around the world. Through the introduction of a new unrestricted top-level domain name, serving as new resources for local and global enterprises and entrepreneurs, will provide the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (the ʺIMMʺ) and portfolio owners with new opportunities to generate new income and will support the development of the City and economy as well as introducing the cultural and historical heritage of Istanbul to the world. Everyone will have the opportunity to chose their online presence through ʺ.istʺ TLD or ʺ.istanbulʺ TLD.

Domain names will be sold at: www.nicpremium.istanbul

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