31 October Tuesday

Mayor Mevlüt Uysal Elected As President of MMU…

Istanbul Mayor Mr. Mevlüt Uysal was elected as the President of Marmara Municipalities Union at the First Ordinary Assembly Meeting of the Union.

The 2017 First Ordinary Assembly Meeting of Marmara Municipalities Union was held at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Istanbul.

The Assembly Meeting of the Union,
observing a minute of silence and singing the Turkish national anthem to remember the martyrs of Turkey, continued with the opening speech of President Mevlüt Uysal. During the meeting, President of the Union, the 1st and 2nd Vice Chairman of the Union, Councilmen of the Union were also elected to two-year terms.

As a result of the voting, Istanbul Mayor Mevlüt Uysal, who was the only candidate, was elected as the President of Marmara Municipalities Union with the majority of votes.


In 1973 at the request of the mayor of the Marmara Island Municipality, representatives from different political parties of 45 municipalities bordering the Marmara Sea and the Straits came together to solve environmental problems they could not handle alone and to prevent pollution of the Marmara Sea. After two years of foundation meetings, the Union of the Municipalities of Marmara Region was established on April 25, 1975, with its headquarters in Izmit. After 2 years time its headquarters moved to Istanbul, in 1977.

Union's Current Members

The Union has 295 member municipalities, including 11 Provincial Center's Municipalities in the Marmara Region (4 of which are the municipalities of metropolitan cities).
Union Goals

The Union's goals have remained basically the same since its founding, with a few changes having been made. Today we can summarize the Union's goals as indicated in the 3rd article of the Union's By-Law:

  • Establish cooperation among municipalities in order to struggle with environmental problems of the Marmara Region and find common solutions.
  • Protect the rights of member municipalities.
  • Provide consulting services to members in different areas of municipal administration.
  • Establish exchange of information and experience among member municipalities and provide education and make research on the subject of municipal administration.
  • Protect historical and natural environments and water and forest resources within area of duty.
  • Work to develop municipalities' legal and organizational structures.
  • Encourage cultural, artistic and tourist activities among member municipalities.
  • Establish relations with international organizations in line with our goals and participate in these organizations.

  • Canlı Destek
  • Beyaz Masa
  • Hava Durumu
  • Trafik
  • Sosyal Tesisler