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ekrem imamoğlu
Ekrem İmamoğlu The Mayor

Ekrem İmamoğlu was born in the Cevizli village of Trabzon’s Akçaabat district in 1970. He graduated from Istanbul University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Following his undergraduate studies, he completed a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Management in the same university. During his time as a student, he played football as an amateur. He served as a board member at Trabzonspor Football Club, Trabzonspor Basketball Club, and Beylikdüzüspor Sports Club.

In 1992, while still a graduate student, Mr. İmamoğlu started working for the family business. He then assumed the CEO role in the group’s companies to lead housing and urban planning projects. While leading these projects, he encountered numerous problems stemming from local affairs, which led him to his decision to enter politics.

Mr. İmamoğlu joined the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) in 2009, and became a member of the Beylikdüzü District Organization. In the same year, he ran as a candidate for nomination to Beylikdüzü District Mayor, and actively participated in the party’s election campaign.


The Council is the ultimate decision making organ of the Municipality. Its members come from district municipalities within the metropolitan boundaries, each of which are represented by their mayors and one-fifth of their elected officials. The council is chaired by the Metropolitan Mayor for a term of five years.

The Metropolitan Municipality Council has the power to discuss and approve certain decisions of district municipalities in addition to its own duties. For example, the district budgets accepted by the district municipalities are discussed and may be amended by the Metropolitan Municipality Council in order to ensure the coordination of investments and services. It may also take directory and regulatory decisions that provide solidarity, unity, and conformity among the overall integrity of the metropolis in services carried out by the district municipalities.